Plastic Coroplast Signs

One Day Coroplast Signs in Vegas

One day coroplast signs in Vegas is possible with certain sign stores that have large format printers. These large format printers can print a couple of hundred square feet per hour to print your signs. Coroplast signs are made with a plastic substrate that is designed for short term usage. Politicians like these 4 mm coroplast signs because they are low cost and last for the term of the political elections. They are weatherproof and do very well outside, even in Las Vegas where temperatures can reach over 110 degrees during summer.

One day coroplast signs are also a favorite with guerrilla marketers who like to place these signs on telephone poles and fences to grab the attention of people driving by. These signs are usually used by carpet cleaning people who have a sign that says something like ” Clean 4 rooms of carpet for $39.00 ” and rogue tow truck operators looking for easy and quick tows from private individuals.

One day coroplast signs are also used in the construction and repair trades. Plumbers and electricians are learning that if they go to a residential site and place one of these coroplast signs up while they are working, the neighbors take notice and they get additional work. If a plumbing line is going out in one house, chances are that the same age houses are experiencing similar problems.  ON roofing company in Las Vegas put on a roof in a aging community and ended up with another 3 jobs because the neighbors identified the roofing company by his coroplast yard signs that he placed at the scene of repairs. A low cost , inexpensive coroplast sign made his company thousands of dollars in profits.

One day coroplast signs are available at sign stores in the Las Vegas valley at great pricing. Check out how these cheap, inexpensive signs can help you.