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Trade Show Fabric Pop Up Signs

Trade Show fabric pop up signs are becoming very popular at the trade shows in Las Vegas.  Businesses love these large fabric pop up displays because they sit in the background and grab the attention of people walking by. These large pop ups are usually 8ft long or 10ft long and can contain a lot of information that helps market a company and its products. These fabric pop up displays really grab the attention of people at the trade show for a inexpensive price.

Trade show fabric pop up signs come in whatever color you like because all these pop up displays are custom printed to your specifications. The fabric is wrinkle free and can be printed with your company logo, pictures and background sceneries. These pop up displays come with a frame and then the fabric print is placed over the frame for a perfect fit. The fabrics are machine washable and can be used over and over at different events. Trade show fabric pop up signs come in different sizes like the 8ft and 10ft models but they also offer wavy styles, straight styles and curved styles to fit your needs. They all come with a carrying case and weigh about 25lbs without the hard case. They can be walked into a event venue without the assistance of union labor and put up with one or two people in about 10 minutes or so.

You can buy a 10ft curved custom pop up display in Las Vegas for $500 at sign shops like . That is one of their pop up specials currently and other sign stores  in the Las Vegas area may also have pop up display signs on special as well. Turnaround time on these displays is about 4 days so you need to plan ahead. Contac a sign store to see what their specials are and how these graphics can help you.