Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Las Vegas Custom Printed Tablecloth Signs

Las Vegas custom printed tablecloth signs are great for events and exhibits where you have a table ( 6ft. or 8ft) and you want to cover it up and offer something aesthetically pleasing . Las Vegas custom printed tablecloth signs can have your company name and logo on them to make you stand out among your competitors. While the rest of the crowd will have scratched and chipped tables, you can have a tablecloth custom printed with your logo to match your company brand.

Las Vegas custom printed tablecloth signs are not expensive and can be purchased for less than one hundred and fifty dollars. This includes custom printing in any color or combination of colors that you like with logos and pictures printed on the table cover . These table cloths can be used multiple times and are machine washable in case they get dirty or something is spilled on it.

Las Vegas custom printed tablecloths come in the classic 6 foot or 8 foot sizes and are 3 sided so that you can sit on the opposite side of the table and be able to place your legs comfortably under the table. These table throws are also very popular at festivals and carnivals where people are meeting and greeting people in booths. Of course, these custom printed table  throws are used extensively at the many trade shows and conventions that are held in Las Vegas annually that attract millions of people to Las Vegas. Vendors usually prefer to order their custom printed tablecloths signs and other signage in advance of these shows and simply pick them up in Las Vegas to make sure everything is ready to go for their event. The turnaround time for custom printed table covers and throws is around 4 working days. These table covers require a special printing process  because they are made with fabric.