Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Custom Printed TableCloths and Table Covers in Vegas

Custom printed tablecloths and table covers in Vegas are being used at the convention and trade shows in Las Vegas more than ever before. Vendors have learned that the 6ft  or 8 ft. tables in their booths are visually enhanced with a inexpensive custom printed tablecloth that helps identify their name and products at first glance.  This easily identifiable display helps your business distinguish themselves against the competition. The tablecloth with a couple of banner stands and a backdrop pretty much is all you need for a complete display booth at one of the convention or trade show venues in Las Vegas.

Custom printed tablecloths and table covers are printed for 6ft or 8ft tables and can be 3 sided or 4 sided depending upon your needs. The tablecloths are machine washable so they can last a long time and are printed on a polyester fabric with full color printing, meaning you can have as many colors on the tablecloth as you want along with pictures and logos. Businesses like to use these tablecloths to place on their table at the front of their booth and then place literature on them to support their marketing.

Businesses like to order their display graphics from sign stores in Las Vegas to avoid lost or damaged displays. Often during the shipping process, display graphics will be misdirected to a different location or simply damaged leaving during the transport leaving the end user without their graphics at the shows. By ordering display graphics in Vegas, the user is guaranteed the graphics will be ready for use when they need them. In addition, arrangement can be made for dropping off the graphics to one of the hotels or venues and even installed.

Custom printed tablecloths and table covers can be found at sign stores that service the trade show industry.