Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Las Vegas Custom Printed Table Cloths For Trade Shows

Las Vegas custom printed table cloths are available for the multitude of trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas custom printed table cloths come in the very popular 5ft and 8ft models that are designed to fit the 6ft and 8ft folding tables seen at convention venue booths.  With so many conventions and trade shows being held in Las Vegas, these very popular displays can be seen many times at a venue. It always seems about 25% of the vendors are using these table throws as one of their sign displays at a show.

Businesses and organizations love the look of a custom printed table throw at their display booths because it is one of the first things clients and customers see. Many times they have a table at the front of their booths where brochures and other material is placed upon and the table cloth with their name and logo helps identify their booth and brand.  These custom printed table cloths can be any color or combination of colors with logo and picture printing as well.

Las Vegas custom printed table cloths are printed on a polyester fabric and then placed over a 6ft or 8 foot table. These table cloths can be used over and over again at many different functions and offer the ability of being washed so that the fabric is always clean and wrinkle free. The cost of these custom printed polyester fabric table covers is just over $100.00 and takes about 4-5 working days from start to finish. The graphic need to be at 150dpi in cmyk colors for the best print available.

Custom Printed table covers can be found at sign shops that cater to the trade show and convention industry. Generally, they are located near the Las Vegas strip for easy accessibility and fast service.