Realtor Signs

Realtor 4ft x 8ft MDO Wood Signs

Realtor 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs are available to real estate agents in the Las Vegas area for placement at commercial properties or vacant land.  Realtor 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs are great for letting people passing by that the property is for sale or for lease and/or can help assist people in identifying the property if they are looking for it.

Realtor 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs are long lasting and average 2 to 3 years of quality life in the Las Vegas area. While this may seem short to some, Las Vegas gets very hot during the summer months and in fact, most people’s cars  batteries only last 2 full summers and part of the 3rd summer, even though they are 5 plus years warrantied.  The signs are printed with eco solvent inks that are made for outdoor usage and then laminated with a protective cover to extend the life of the print. Truth is that it just gets so hot that anything outdoors does not seem to last long. But hopefully, any property listed for sale or for lease would long be off the market.

Realtor 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs can be made in many other sizes as well. One of the most popular wood realtor signs is the 4 foot by 4 foot MDO wood sign that has 16 square feet of space for information relating to the property.  These signs generally take 2 or 3 days to make and the sign company you choose can line you up with an installer if one is needed at a very reasonable price.

Realtor 4ft x 8ft MDO wood signs can be purchased at many of the sign companies in Las Vegas . Simply check online through a search for a sign company near you and then cross check with Google Maps or Yelp to find out the business reputation of the sign shop to make sure you chose the right one.