Custom Printed Table Throws

Las Vegas Custom Made Table Cloths

Las Vegas custom made table cloths can get you that table cover for your event or show. The table cloths fit the standard 6ft or 8 ft. tables found at the events and show facilities. These 3 sided table cloths can be custom printed with your logos and pictures on them on a machine washable polyester. These custom made table cloths can be found at or

People and vendors love these custom made table cloths because it makes even the small vendor look impressive. These inexpensive table coverings are wonderful for any of the shows and events held in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the best place to hold events and shows and is the number one place in the United States to hold trade shows and conventions. Not only does Las Vegas has large convention facilities that have over 1 million square feet of display space, but it seems that every casino has dedicated hundreds, if not thousands of square feet of floor space for events at their casinos and hotels.

Custom printed table cloths are not expensive. They cost around $135.00 for either a 6ft or 8ft 3 sided table cover that can be any color and printed with logos and pictures. The table cover can be used over and over again and can be cleaned by using a normal washing machine or having it professionally cleaned.  The table covers can easily be set up by one person and simply folded and placed in a bag or carrying case until the next event.

Custom made table cloths can be purchased at many of the finer sign companies in Las Vegas that service the trade show and convention industry. The average turnaround time on these specially printed table covers is about 3 to 4 days once ordered. Buy one and your average looking booth will turn impressive .