Printing Banner Stands

Fast Telescopic Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Fast telescopic banner stands in Las Vegas are banner stands that are small and compact that actually become very large when the graphic is pulled out of the stand. The graphic then retracts back into the stand and this makes the banner stand a very popular display graphic at various events and shows. These stands come with a carrying case that allows for comfort in taking the stand to the next event or show, as they can be used over and over at multiple shows.

Many businesses come into Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions and the telescopic banner stand is one of the favorite graphics at these shows. The graphic itself is created by their own design department or they are created by design companies like ( who does excellent work and is recommended by Posterhead and other sign companies).  Fast telescopic banner stands in Las Vegas come in a variety of sizes from 24″ wide all the way to about 5ft. wide. They usual height on these banner stands is around 80 inches tall. The most popular telescopic banner stand is the 33″ x 78′ banner stand, or a deluxe version like  Many of the upright banners cost less than $100 and can be made in the same day. This is very important to people at Mandalay Bay Convention Center ( or the Las Vegas Convention Center ( who find themselves in need of last minute graphics for their display booths at one of these sites.

Fast telescopic banner stands in Las Vegas  can be found at sign companies that offer printing and sign services to the trade shows and conventions. They can usually be found close to the event centers so that the signs can be picked up or delivered quickly in the event that a sign or banner needs to be made the same day.