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Las Vegas Overnight Banner Prints.

Las Vegas overnight banner prints are available in the Las Vegas area on a expedited basis.¬† Banner signage is sometimes needed on a expedited basis for a number¬† of valid reasons. Or maybe something as simple as ” I just forgot”. In any case, many different types of signage can be printed overnight in the Las Vegas area.

Las Vegas overnight banner prints are printed by wide format printers that can print several hundred feet per hour in full color. These banners are printed on a vinyl 13 ounce banner material with eco solvent ink that is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. That is important, especially in Las Vegas where temperatures routinely go above 110 degrees in the summer months. It takes a specially designed ink to withstand fading when the sun is blazing on you for hours. It is said in Las Vegas that you can cook an egg in a frying pan just by placing it on the sidewalk during the heat of a Las Vegas summer.

Las Vegas overnight banner prints are available at many of the local sign and print shops. Since there is a large convention industry in Las Vegas, it requires a large sign industry to keep up with the demands of the graphic needs of the conventions. Consequently, many sign shops are vying for your business at very competitive rates. The going rate for banner printing in the Las Vegas area seems to be around $2.00 a square foot. This would include hemming and grommeting the banner ( both top and bottom of the banner) so that it can easily and conveniently be hung. The hemming adds additional strength to the perimeter of the banner from keeping it from ripping the grommets in the wind.

Las Vegas overnight prints can be found by searching the term” Overnight Banner Printing” in Las Vegas.