Banner Stand Signs in Las Vegas

Vegas Budget Banner Stands

Vegas budget banner stands are a favorite at the Las Vegas conventions. Vegas budget banner stands allow for a quality display graphic at an affordable price.

People who come to Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions like to be able to pick up banner stands in Las Vegas rather than risk damage or graphics being lost while travelling to Las Vegas. Since the banner stands are very affordable, most often than not they are cheaper in Las Vegas than where they came from. This is because Las Vegas has a large sign industry that caters to the conventions and deal in bulk. This bulk allows for a cheaper price, especially when many sign companies are unionized and fetch higher prices.

Las Vegas budget banner stands can be as low as $49 in Las Vegas. Many sign stores sell a x stand banner stand  ( 24″ x 63″)with print for under $50.00. X stand banner stands come in many sizes. Also available is the retractable banner stand, also known as the pop up banner stand, and those can be purchased in Las Vegas for under $60 for a 33″ x 81″ size. These retractable banner stands come in a variety of sizes and usually come with a carrying case for travelling. The banner stands include a full color print.

It takes only a few days to make a retractable banner stand or x stand. Many times if requested, the graphic display can be made the same day or next day as well for a slight upcharge if production schedules have to be made to accommodate the fast made graphic.

Simply contact a local sign or print shop in Las Vegas for these banner stands. A google online search or a yellow page search will bring the necessary results. Take advantage of the low cost banner stands that Las Vegas has to offer.