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Step Repeat Backdrop Banners in Vegas

Step repeat backdrop banners are the “rage” in Las Vegas at many different events. From the local high school graduation step repeat banners ( with the graduating class and year), to the trade shows and conventions promoting their businesses, to night clubs using step and repeat banners so that the tourists have a place to take a picture which includes the promotion of the club. These step and repeat banners backdrop banners¬†are very popular.

Step repeat backdrop banners are very cheap in price. At around $2.00 a sq. ft. a simple 8ft. by 8ft. backdrop banner costs around $128.00. These banners are full color and you can have as many colors on them as you want along with pictures and logos. They can be attached to walls or by a banner stand ( at an additional cost) so that they can easily be displayed. The banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with colorful and bright inks so that the information on the banners can be seen from any angle the picture is taken.

These step repeat backdrop banners are so cheap and inexpensive, that many proms and dances at the local schools now have them so that the kids can take their pictures against them as souvenirs. Since all the kids seem to have cell phones with cameras, they take advantage of this opportunity by taking a picture against the backdrop banners that usually contain the schools name, schools logo and information about the event. Then the kids line up and take selfies or group pictures with the banner in the background. Many times, the school will get a sponsor and put the local sponsor’s name in the background as a way to advertise their sponsorship.

Step repeat backdrop banners can be purchased at local sign and print shops in the Las Vegas area.