Dust Control Signs

Construction Dust Control Signs in Nevada

Construction dust control signs in Nevada are mandated in certain areas because most of Nevada is in the desert and accordingly, has a lot of dust and loose topsoil. When the Nevada desert top soil gets moved around, it causes a lot of dust that then goes into the air and make it uncomfortable for many people. Consequently, many local government puts restrictions on construction companies regarding dust in order to control the airborne dust particles.

Clark county Nevada is one local government agency that controls and regulates dust at construction sites. Clark County Nevada dust control information can be found at www.clarkcountynv.gov . Clark county requires a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign on the premises for construction sites 10 acres and more, while a 4ft x 4ft dust control sign is needed for under 10 acres. These dust control signs need to be prominently displayed at the construction site that has a permit so that the public can read them and know who to complain to if too much dust is in the air.

Construction dust control signs in Nevada are nor expensive. While in the old days, wood was used for the dust control sign, lightweight, strong aluminum has replaced the old wooden signs. These aluminum signs are designed not to rust or get wood rot and can withstand all the elements that  Mother Nature in Nevada has to offer. The cost of the 4ft x 4ft aluminum dust control sign is under $100 and the cost of the 4ft x 8ft dust control sign is around $175.00. Many times the dust control signs will be laminated for  long lasting and for appearance.

Construction dust control signs in Nevada can be found at numerous sign shops in Nevada and are mandated in certain areas. Failure to comply can result in your construction project being shut down and fines.