Las Vegas Convention X Stand Banner Displays

Discount Vertical Banners For Events

Discount vertical banners are being used at Las Vegas conventions and shows more than ever before. With online competition, prices for discount vertical banners are more competitive than ever before. That completion is even greater in the Las Vegas area.

More exhibitions, trade shows and conventions are held in Southern Nevada than any other place in the United States.  The weather is great year round and there is so much to do in Las Vegas that everybody wants to come here for their business shows. Consequently, Las Vegas boasts a extra large sign industry that caters not only to businesses and casinos , but also to the large convention industry. Discount vertical banners  are very popular with this crowd as they are very easy to install and set up. They are very cost effective and offer a great graphic display. By placing vertical upright banners next to each other, they can appear to be a solid graphic that makes the graphic appear much larger.

Discount vertical banners are inexpensive. A retractable banner stand that is 33″ x 78″ with an adjustable pole and carrying bag cost less than $100.00. There are many different sizes of retractable banner stands that are offered at various prices. If a lower priced vertical banner is needed, the x stand banner stand is a very viable option. The 24″ x 63″ X Stand sells for under $50.00 and offers a easy replacement of banner if you want to change out the graphic. The You Tube video, offers a glimpse of a video displaying this graphic. The cousin to this X Stand vertical banner, the 31″ 2″ x 71″ costs under $60.00 and can also have the banner graphic changed out easily.

Discount vertical banners are available at sign shops in the Las Vegas area that offer wholesale signs and banners. Look online for a wholesale sign shop near you to assist you with your vertical banners.