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Custom Foam Board Signs For In Store Sales

Custom foam board signs are being used very successfully by Las Vegas retailers to increase their in store sales. Every time we walk into a Las Vegas gas station and pay for your purchase, you see point of purchase advertising to entice you to spend additional money on merchandise.

What are  Custom Foam Board Signs ?

Custom foam board signs are vinyl prints applied to 3/16 or 1/2 foam board and often applied with a gloss laminates for a scratch proof finish. ( The foam core board can also be printed on directly with large format printers) As defined by your  ” Any of various lightweight slabs or boards made of thermoplastic foam in varying thicknesses and used especially for insulation or in mounting art. Read more at

Las Vegas retailers love these signs and they are very popular at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas retailers. At every register, there are these custom foam core board signs that prompt you to buy their merchandise while you are waiting to pay for your purchase. They are very successful in this goal as retailers will pay a premium to be able to market their items to you in these locations.  They peddle anything from the popular drink Gatorade to M& M candy bars.

Custom foam  board signs are also popular at the Las Vegas conventions and exhibits. They can be set up very quickly on easels and offer a very professional background display to help sell their wares. These custom foam core board signs are not expensive, with the 3/16 board selling at around $4.oo to $6.00 a square foot and the 1/2 ” thick foam core board signs selling for $6.00 a square foot and up.

Custom foam board signs can be bought at you favorite sign shops in Las Vegas or online to help you improve your in store sales.