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Las Vegas Retractable Banner Signs For Conventions

Las Vegas retractable banner signs are one of the most popular signs at Las Vegas conventions and trade shows. The reason being is they are so compact and make for big signage.

Las Vegas is the number one destination in the world for conventions and trade shows. it is the place where most industries want their attendees to go because of all the fun that Las Vegas offers. That being said, Las Vegas has a very large sign industry to support the signage needs of the conventions.

Las Vegas retractable banner signs are just that, compact signage the is retractable into a small roll up case that allows a banner to be rolled up and stored compactly and then  pulled up and supported with a adjustable pole and displayed. There is also the x stand banner stand that allows for its components to be folded up neatly into a small carry case ( and then the banner-which is stored separately- attached to the four corners of the x stand -for tension). See You Tube link at

Las Vegas retractable banner signs are not very expensive. A 33″ x 78″ retractable banner stand with adjustable pole is under $100 and several of the x stand banner stands can be purchased for under $50.00. These Las Vegas retractable banner signs come in full colors and an have logos and pictures printed on them as well. They come in a variety of sizes ( width and height) to accommodate most needs. When these Las Vegas retractable banner signs are placed side by side, they can create the illusion of being one sign and be very impressive in their size. They are not terribly complex to make and usually just take a few days for a final product to be ready.

Las Vegas retractable banner signs are available through local sign shops in Las Vegas or online.