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Las Vegas Poster Signs

Las Vegas poster signs are made in the LasĀ  Vegas area by print and sign shops. These Las VegasĀ poster signs are used for a variety of purposes and a re a favorite with Las Vegas businesses.

Las Vegas poster signs can be seen at most all the retail shops in Las Vegas. Retail shops will use them for point of purchase sales at convenient stores and many other types of retail facilities. You cannot go to a 7-11 and not be bombarded with POS signs at the cash register. These signs can be in many forms such as poster signs and foam core boards. Poster signs are printed on a heavy 8 or 9 mil poster paper and are very high quality and applied to walls or upright stands that they slide into. Foam core boards are printed on vinyl and then applied to foam core board of 3/16 or 1/2 thickness or sometimes can be printed directly on the foam board itself. They are then sometimes laminated so that they have a glossy, shiny appearance that prevents damage to the prints. This is important because if the poster sign is placed near the retail check out, many times children will play with them and accidently scratch the surfaces. Las Vegas poster signs are full color and you can have as many colors, pictures, logos you want on them.

Las Vegas poster signs make great advertising because they are not expensive and you can usually install them yourself and save much money by doing it that way. Also, many times the vendor of the products you sell will give you promotional poster signs with their products on them to help you sell them ( and of course help increase their sells as well).

Poster signs can be purchased online or at your favorite sign facility in the Las Vegas area at reasonable prices.