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Las Vegas Foam Core Board Printing For Displays

Las Vegas foam core board printing is excellent for display presentation. A foam core board is usually one of two sizes, a 3/16 or a 1/2 “ foam core board. The foam core board is printed directly on by a large format printer or a large format printer printed on a vinyl and then it is applied to the foam board. Many times, the foam core board is then laminated over with a gloss application giving it a very professional appealing appearance.

Las Vegas foam core board printing are used as displays and presentations at events. Many times businesses choose to use this type of product for in house presentations where a professional look is required or at sales presentations where the company wants to promote its products and services.

Las Vegas foam core board printing is also used many times at Las Vegas conventions and trade shows. There are many trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas and consequently, many vendors prefer to have their foam boards printed in the Las Vegas area rather than risk damage while transporting the foam core boards. The foam core boards are delicate and can easily be damaged if not secured properly. If secured properly, foam core boards can be used over and over again at different events. Speakers usually put them on display on a easel  and they can be easily set up and taken down by one person.

Las Vegas foam core board printing is not expensive as you might think. Generally, in the Las Vegas area, they start at around $4.00 a square foot and go up based on the thickness of the foam board. Las Vegas casinos are also a big user of foam boards as they make wonderful displays in the casinos. They generally use a 1 inch foam board for sturdiness and have it fit in a self containing stand.