Poster Board Signs

Las Vegas Foam Core Signs

Las Vegas foam core signs are available in the Las Vegas area for reasonable prices. The foam core signs are vinyl prints applied to a 3/16 or 1/2 inch foam core board.  And then protected with a laminate against scratches. These foam core signs show very well for different applications.

Are Las Vegas Foam Core Signs Used At Conventions ?

Las Vegas foam board signs are primarily used for displays at stores.  Also at trade shows and conventions. There are many conventions held in the Las Vegas area.  Because Las Vegas is the number one destination for conventions and trade shows. Everybody wants to come to Las Vegas to have their shows.  Because of the general good year round weather that allows for golf, skiing, boating and a host of other outdoor activities.  Also Las Vegas hosts amenities such as fine dining and entertainment.  24hr night life, gambling and a whole bunch of other fun activities.   Las Vegas has developed into a family type place to go as well that has plenty of things to do with the children.

Las Vegas foam board signs are printed on a vinyl film and then applied to a foam core substrate.  And then laminated over to prevent scratches to the print. They are full color, meaning you can have as many colors on the print as you want, along with pictures and logos. The preferred design files are pdf, psd, ai and a high resolution jpeg. In addition, you can also have your print applied to a 4mm coroplast sign that has the ability to withstand outdoor usage as well for about the same price.

Las Vegas foam board signs are available at your local sign shops.  Or print shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. The foam core signs can be made expeditiously and carefully for your in store displays or convention and trade shows.