Vehicle Magnets

Custom Car Magnets For Advertising.

Custom car magnets are a good way to affordably advertise on your company vehicles or personal vehicles. The car magnets come in a variety of sizes that can be custom made to any vehicle.

Many small businesses are using their personal vehicles for business. Custom car magnets allows you to turn your personal car into a business vehicle by simply attaching custom car magnets to the sides of your car and then removing the car magnets and all advertising and thus turning it into a regular vehicle again. Many insurance salesman, realtors and others in similar professions use this cheap and affordable marketing method.  When they are driving in traffic, they are advertising their business by the custom car magnets. People see who they are and hopefully take note and call them at some future date to use their services.

Custom car magnets are .30 mil magnets with a eco solvent or latex ink printed on the magnet. This allows the custom car magnet to last a long time in the outdoors, even in the harsh temperatures of Las Vegas.

Custom car magnets are not expensive, the average cost for a set of two car magnets in full color for a 12″ x 18″ size is about $30.00.  Different car magnets can be made in a variety of sizes but you must keep in mind that you do not want a car magnet that goes over a body line or molding or you run the risk of the magnet blowing off because of the small gap between the body molding or body line. Wind gets in that gap and will blow the magnet off the vehicle at the higher speeds.

To find custom car magnets in Las Vegas, simply look in the telephone book or do a online search for the term ” car magnets or vehicle magnets” and several search results will lead you to a sign shop near you.


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