Window Signs

Business Window Signs To Identify Your Business.

Business window signs are cheap and affordable. Business window signs are a great way of identifying your business and also a way of marketing your products to potential customers.

There are many different types of business window signs:

1.Plotted vinyl letters

2. Painted images on your windows

3. Lighted neon or led signs

4.Window Vision or one way graphics

The re are many other types of business window signs but the 4 major variations are listed above.

Plotted vinyl letters  are very common on business windows and doors because they tend to be white and have the following information on them:

1. Store name

2. Store hours

3.Store contact information such as website, email, telephone number

Plotted vinyl letters can also be your stores products and services in bright colors so that people can easily identify your store.

Business window signs also include painted windows. Major fast food chains like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Carls Jr, etc. use this type of business window sign to grab your attention. The windows are painted on with advertisement with bright neon colors to attract your attention. Usually the window paint is a bright fluorescent orange.

Business window signs also include neon or led signs that state what your business does or if it open. Most businesses have a “OPEN” neon or led sign. Some businesses will also have what they do on a neon sign like the words ” NAILS” ” TACOS” ” FOOT MASSAGE” or some other variation to what products and services they have.

Window vision or one way graphics is a permeated film they print on that allows the people on the inside of the business to look out and the people on the outside to only see what you print on the window graphic. This is a great security investment (as you get to see anybody that walks into your business before they see you ) and a great way to advertise on unused window space to draw attention to your store.

Business window signs work as evident by all the businesses that use them.


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