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Big Vinyl Banners For Advertising.

Big vinyl banners will get you big advertising results. Many businesses are using big banners to draw new customers and increase store awareness. These businesses are putting big vinyl banners on the sides of their buildings to draw attention to themselves with fantastic results.  Unlike advertising with a billboard company where you pay monthly rent on the billboard, once you have the banner printed and hung on the side of your building, there is no more payments.  This saves thousands of dollars in  billboard rental fees.

Big vinyl banners are not very expensive either. The cost of printing big vinyl banners is about $2.00 a square foot. This includes the design fee, grommets, hemming and the banner can be in full color, meaning you can have as many colors you want on the banner.  The big vinyl banners can also include digital pictures and logos.  The printing quality of these banners has greatly improved over the last few years and it is not a problem to print a person off a 10mb camera picture. In fact, you cannot drive down the highways without seeing attorney’s pictures on large vinyl banners or billboards.

The big vinyl banners are especially effective when your business location is near the freeway or major street. In fact, at the spaghetti bowl in Las Vegas ( around highway 95 and Interstate 15) many businesses are currently employing the big vinyl banner theory by placing banners on the back of their building that face the freeways.  They are using 15ft tall x 30ft long banners as their personal billboards.  They are advertising their stores name and specials on the banners and then rotating the banners every 3 or so months to get different advertising out in front of the passing motorists. It appears the stores have been very successful using this banner as advertisement theory.


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