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Aluminum Dust Control Signs.

Aluminum dust control signs are mandated by the county, state government for construction. Aluminum dust control signs are necessary to comply with government regulations.

Sign shops in the Las Vegas area make aluminum dust control signs on 4ft x 4ft double sided aluminum.  They print the necessary information required by law on vinyl and then apply the vinyl to the double sided aluminum substrate. The double side aluminum substrate is the substrate of choice because of its corrosion protection.  Unlike metal, the aluminum panel will not rust in the outdoor elements of the Las Vegas seasons. Even though Las Vegas is in the desert, we do get rain and the aluminum panel prevents rust.  Special outdoor inks such as eco solvent or latex inks make sure the dust control sign will not fade during the harsh Las Vegas summer.

The aluminum dust control sign is then placed on either wood posts or metal posts that are secured into the ground.  Simple screws with washers or bolts with nuts and washers securely fasten the sign to the posts so that it can be placed in a easily viewable area to comply with the law.

Aluminum dust control signs are just some of the construction signs that local sign or print shops make in the Las Vegas area. Sign shops also make vinyl banners that can be easily attached to fences and buildings to let people know who is the construction company  onsite. Statistics show that construction companies that prominently display their name on job sites get many referrals for other jobs. Many sub contractors also place small coroplast or aluminum signs on the job site as well to let people know who they are as well.

Aluminum dust control signs can be found at your local sign shop or print shops in the Las Vegas area. The cost of a double side aluminum 4ft x 4ft sign is around $99.00.



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