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Vegas Full Color Banners

Vegas full color banners are a sure fire way of drawing attention to your business and the advertisement on your banner.  Vegas full color banners come in an array of colors and sizes to best meet the needs of your business.

Vegas full color banners mean just that, all colors can be on the banner.  You can have the colors of the rainbow, sky blue or a Jimi Hendrix psychedelic array of colors. Many times, businesses use distinct colors so as to show off their logos to distinguish themselves from their competitors.  Brand names such as Domino’s Pizza, Pepsi, and energy drinks use specific colors that everyone recognizes.

Vegas full color banners are cheap in price but great in quality.  The most common size for Vegas full color banners is the 3 ft. x 8ft. banner. Usually sign shops in Las Vegas have a special on the banner and the 3ft x 8ft full color banner sells for about $39.00.  Other sizes are available such as a 2ft x 4ft all the way up to a 10ft x 20ft or so.

Vegas full color banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with a special ink that is designed to last a long time in the Las Vegas sun.  Eco solvent or latex inks are the preferred ink. The banners come with grommets so they are ready to hang.  Items such as zip ties, screws, rope, bungee cords,etc. allow for easy hanging.

Many businesses rotate the banners weekly in order to always give a fresh look to the store.  The banners are re-usable if stored properly with minimal maintenance.

Vegas full color banners can be found at your local sign or print shops. Just do a online Google or Yahoo search with the key term ” full color banners” and many signs shops will be returned in the search results.


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