Las Vegas Summerlin Vinyl Banners

Paradise Nevada Outdoor Vinyl Banners.

Paradise Nevada outdoor vinyl banners are being used by Paradise Las  Vegas businesses to advertise on vinyl banners for short term outdoor advertising.  Paradise Nevada outdoor vinyl banners have been very successful for many stores.

Stores are learning that you can use outdoor vinyl banners as a short term form of advertising.  This is in addition to your regular store signage. These Paradise Nevada outdoor vinyl banners are great for advertising events and store specials to the public.  Businesses are using these banners in different sizes to let the people passing their stores know what event or special that is going on in that business.  The cost of vinyl banners is much less than print advertisement.

Paradise Nevada outdoor vinyl banners are very cost effective and downright cheap.  The sizes of the banners may differ, but the cost is usually around $2.00 a square foot.  So a 5 ft x 10ft outdoor vinyl banner is about $100.00.  This cost would include design time, grommets for easy hanging and printing of the banner.

The most common size of a Paradise Nevada outdoor vinyl banner is the 3 ft. x 8ft.  Most times, a sign or print shop will have this common size on sale for around $39.00. These banners are made for outdoor use with special inks that are designed to last a long time.

In older times, outdoor vinyl banners would have to be made with plotted vinyl and than placed individually on a banner.  This was a very time consuming process to plot the vinyl and then apply it and the banner price was reflective of the labor intensive operation of making a banner..  modern sign shops have large format printers that print directly on the banner material with eco solvent inks or latex inks.  These large format printers can print at very quick speeds with a 3ft x 8ft vinyl banner being printed in about 17 minutes.



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