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Las Vegas Sign Printing.

There is a old saying in the sign business that goes like this ” A business without a sign is a sign of no business “.  All businesses need to get their name and information out to the public.  Sign printing allows for the disbursement of information. Sign printing is as old as business itself.  The oldest stores and businesses needed some way or another to let people know what they did for the community.

Sign printing itself is a pretty self explanatory phrase.  It is basically the printing of signs.  Today’s sign shops use large format printers to print signs. These state of the art large format printers use eco solvent and latex inks that are environmentally friendly.  These inks produce a wide array of vivid and bright colors that are used for indoor and outdoor prints.

Las Vegas is the sign capital of the world and consequently, much sign printing is done here in Las Vegas.  The reason for Las Vegas having so many sign shops and print shops is because of all the casinos, trade shows and conventions that are here in Las Vegas. These trade shows and conventions bring millions of people to Las Vegas and the amount of signage that is needed is tremendous. Every company that comes to Las Vegas for a trade show or convention needs signs as props and backdrops to sell their products.  In addition to the conventions, there is a demand for signage for all the companies that support the trade shows and conventions. Sign printing is just one of the support industries for people coming to Las Vegas.

If you are inn need of sign printing, just do a search under ” sign shops or sign printing ” with Google and you should be able to find  many options for y our sign printing needs.



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