Las Vegas Banners

North Las Vegas Banners Work For Increasing Business.

North LAs Vegas banners is a marketing strategy used by North Las Vegas businesses  to increase sales .  In these tough economic times, North Las Vegas stores are using North Las Vegas banners as a way to promote their products in a large way.

Merchants are using banners as a advertising mechanism on their outside walls and surrounding fences to advertise their products.  For example, several pizza restaurants are advertising ” Large Pizza $9.99 ” specials on banners and then hanging the banners on the outside of their stores to attract attention. The pizza restaurants are having great success with this type of advertising. North Las Vegas banners are working for them.

North Las Vegas banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Stores can get smaller vinyl  banners, such as a 2ft x 4ft or get the more traditional size of 3 foot x 8 foot.  Even larger banners are possible to get at a reasonable price.   With summer in mid season in North Las Vegas,  many stores are advertising “shaved ice” “pools” or other merchandise that is seasonal.  The North Las Vegas banners are cheap and both easy to hang with common items such as rope, zip ties, screws, etc. Best of all, the vinyl banners can be taken down once the sale or season is over and be re-used at another time. Many pizza restaurants alternate pizza sale banners, chicken wing banners and pasta banners in order to always give the pizza restaurant a new and fresh look.

Your local sign shop or print shop can assist you with your vinyl banner needs.  The going rate for a vinyl banner in full color ( meaning any number of colors you want ) is about $2.00 a square foot.  These North Las Vegas banners usually come grommeted so as to make hanging the banner very simple.



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