Las Vegas Banner Signs

Fast Trade Show Banners In Las Vegas.

If you need fast trade show banners, Las Vegas is the place to get them.  Las Vegas has more trade shows and conventions than any other place in the world. With the fantastic night life, gambling, exquisite dinners, no wonder everybody wants to have there trade shows and conventions here.

The Las Vegas area has a large sign industry to support the trade shows and conventions. Many sign companies are needed to support the millions of visitors  that attend the trade and conventions.  Consequently, the sign industry in Las Vegas has state of the art technology to accommodate the signage needs of the shows.

The sign industry uses state of the art large format printers to make fast trade show banners.  These large format printers can print a few hundred  sq ft  every hour.  These large printers are made by Mimaki, HP, Mutoh, Roland and by others and use eco solvent and latex inks that are made for indoor and outdoor printing.  These inks produce bright and vivid colors and are capable of printing photographs on banners as well.

Fast trade show banners can be yours by contacting one of the many sign or print companies in Las Vegas. The sign companies can put a rush order on the banners and produce them in a short period of time.  The cost of a full color banner varies between $1.50 sq ft to about $3.50 a sq ft. There are additional options on banners such as hemming and grommets. ( grommets are usually free and placed every 2 feet on the top and bottom ) In addition, wind slots can be placed on a banner if the fast trade show banners are to be placed outside.  The wind slots allow air to pass through the slots rather than build up pressure on the banner which causes stress on the grommets.


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