Las Vegas Banner Signs

Vegas Vinyl Banners To get Your Message Across.

In todays competitive business environment, businesses are looking to get an edge over the competition.  Many businesses are using vinyl banners as a way to advertise their goods and services. Vegas vinyl banners are increasingly popular way of advertising products or services on the stores inner and outer walls. Vegas vinyl banners are cheap and easy to install.

Many stores are selecting certain products or services and adverting these specials on Vegas vinyl banners.  A perfect example is a vinyl banner I saw hanging on the outer wall of a store that advertised  “  Large Pizza’s with 2 Toppings For $9.99 “  This was a fantastic way for a pizza place to get the message out about their pizza special in a large way. What was so important was the fact that their store is located on a busy street and virtually thousands of vehicles passing on that street had the potential of seeing that banner and maybe buying a pizza.  That pizza may or may not be purchased on that day, but may be purchased within a few weeks.

These types of Vegas vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with the use of large format printers. These printers print directly onto the vinyl banner material with eco solvent and latex inks which last a very long time in the Las Vegas heat. Not only  do these types of inks last a long time, they are very bright and vivid in colors.

The cost of these Vegas vinyl banners is not very much at all.  A Vegas vinyl banner can be purchased for about $2.00 a square foot and many times less than that if the print or sign shop is having a banner special.  These banners come grommeted top and bottom for easy hanging. The store owners can easily hang the vinyl banners themselves or have an employee do it. Vegas vinyl banners is a very cost effective form of advertising.


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