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Business Sign Lettering In Las Vegas.

Its very easy to do your own business sign lettering in Las Vegas. Many new businesses do not have the money to hire  sign companies to go and change their business signage.  Many of these business signs can be changed out by the new business and save a lot of money.

One of the steps in opening your new business is to determine what type of signage is available.  If you have a pylon sign in the front of the building that you share with other businesses or may have exclusively to yourself, you can easily change out the vinyl lettering on the sign.  Many times these types of signs have a plastic face or lexan face with cut vinyl on them.  On the backside of the lexan or plastic fascia, light bulbs shine through at night to light up the cut vinyl on the sign.  During the day, the cut vinyl is visible against the white plastic fascia.  It is very easy to change out this vinyl and do the business sign lettering yourself.

The first step is to get the measurements of the open area of the fascia. That will allow you to determine what size letters and how many letters you can fit in the opening.  While many people feel it is necessary to put as much information on the sign, sometimes simplicity is the best solution.  For example, would it be better to have ” PIZZA” in big letters or put many different products you sell in much smaller business sign lettering ?  Sometimes you can make it too cluttered so people cannot read it in the time they are motoring past your store.

Once you get the measurements of the pylon sign, simple design the business sign lettering to fit your dimensions.  Go to a print shop, hobby shop or sign store and have them cut your vinyl so that you can install it on your existing sign.

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