Business Signs

Every business is in need of advertising who and what they are.  Business signs is one of the fundamentals that is necessary in having a successful business.  After all, you need to be able to let people know who you are and what you do.

Business signs can take form in many different ways.  In Las Vegas, casinos will spend a few million dollars on a huge neon or led sign for the front of their casino.  The Mirage, Wynn, Caesar’s Palace Casinos are just easy examples to choose from.  Their signs are very expensive and try to to relate to their customers a branding of their business by showing how flashy their casinos are by the use of their signs.

The average business in Las Vegas does not go to that level of extravagance in making a sign for there business. Business signs come in all shapes and sizes.  The majority of Las Vegas businesses usually have a pylon sign in front of there location.  A pylon sign is a big box sign on top of a pole that lists businesses at that location.  The size or area of the sign designated for the businesses usually takes form on some allocated basis.  For example, the larger the square footage of the store, the larger there allocated space on the pylon sign to advertise their business.  Most of the time. these pylon signs are made of lexan plastic and then vinyl letters or logos are applied to the lexan plastic.  Another popular way and cost effective way for a pylon sign is to stretch vinyl canvas across ( sort of like a huge banner ) and then simply letter the vinyl  canvas as you would lexan plastic.

Business signs are an intrical part of the marketing package for a business.  It is important to have the necessary signage to get  your business noticed.

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