Storefront Window Graphics

Storefront window graphics are a great way to advertise your business very cheaply and effectively.  Just some simple vinyl letters can advertise your business specials and products to attract new customers and inform current customers.

Every store has large windows or door glass that allows people to look in and out of.  These windows and glass doors can be taken advantage of by placing advertising on the glass.  This advertisement can be in the form of window vision, a printable see through permeated graphic, or very inexpensive vinyl lettering on the windows.

Furniture stores in the Las Vegas area are constantly advertising their stores specials on their windows.  These storefront window graphics point out the bedroom sets on sale, the couch and loveseat on special, or dining room tables on sale.  The stores merely use different color vinyl’s  to spell out the stores goods that are on sale.

Storefront window graphics can also include a business website, telephone number, store hours or some other store information that allows a business to convey their information to the public.

The storefront window graphics can be purchased from several sources which include places like Wal Mart, sign shops, craft stores and through the internet. They are very cheap to purchase.

The installing of store window graphics  is a very easy process.  The key is making sure the graphics are straight and aligned properly.  This is done by measuring the glass and installing the vinyl text in the center of the window.  Be sure to measure for both vertical and horizontal accuracy.

The second key to success of installing storefront window graphics is to apply the graphics to a clean glass surface to make sure of proper adherence. The use of soap and water will allow for a slippery surface for th graphics in case you need to adjust the graphics if they are accidently placed on crooked.  I use kitchen soap and water for this purpose.


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