Las Vegas Banner Signs

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners area a  great way of advertising an event, goods, or services to the general public.  They are easy to put up and very easy to take down.

Outdoor banners are usually  printed on a vinyl material.  The vinyl material is rated by the heaviness of the material, or in ounces.  The standard of the industry for banner material is the 13oz banner material.  The material weight rises from there into the 20 ounce range.  Lower than 10 ounce banner weight is really designed for indoor use and it is not able to withstand the forces of mother nature.

Outdoor banners can be made in a variety of ways.  They can have wind slits cut into them to allow for the passage of wind, grommets punched into them for easy hanging, or have pockets sewed into them so that you can put a pole in the pockets to help display the outdoor banners.  Outdoor banners can also be hemmed to reinforce the outer edges so that they withstand greater force of nature.  The usual method for hemming the banners is with double sided tape or being sewn.

Outdoor banners can deliver a variety of messages such as advertising a company picnic, a sporting event, a rock concert, etc. etc.  The whole idea of the outdoor banner is to have people be able too see it and advertise whatever  message you are trying to convey.

Common outdoor banners include the sizes of 3 foot by 8foot, 3foot by 5 foot and larger sizes such as 5feet by 10 feet.  In LAs Vegas, where I live, casinos have banners running down the sides of the casinos to advertise their shows and specials.  These banners run several hundred feet in length. The banners can be joined together to make it look very wide as well as long.

Outdoor banners are a great way to advertise your event or service. They are easy to make and are a cheap form of delivering a message.



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