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Lowest Prices on Flyer Printing in Vegas

Lowest prices on flyer printing are available at wholesale pricing in Las Vegas. Why pay for retail flyer printing when you can buy the same flyers at a substantial discount ? Lowest prices on flyer printing is also for brochure, business card, postcard and other forms of commercial printing. These prints are high quality with a special coating on them , such as AQ or UV that give your flyers, brochures, postcards, etc. a very professional look. Also, many different types of thickness of paper are available as well.

Lowest prices on flyer printing is great for events and night clubs where heavy promotion is involved.  Many promoters will hire young women to walk up and down Las Vegas Blvd. to hand out flyers promoting a night club in order to entice tourists to go to their club. Cheap flyers are also great for neighborhood stores who want to strictly promote their business to their demographic market. These stores will have 5,000 or 10,000 flyers made up and then distributed to all the residences within a mile of their store. This targeting allows for only people who will go to there store get coupons and information and less money spent on marketing to people too far away to visit their location. The flyers can also be stapled or placed inside purchase bags so people can take them home with them and see other items they might have missed.

Lowest prices on flyer printing is just that, low cost. 5,000 double sided half page flyers in full color cost around $160.00 and 10,000 can be printed for around $300.00  These flyers come in a multitude of sizes to meet all marketing needs. They can be printed on one side to save money or double sided, one in English and one side in another language if you are in a ethnic neighborhood in Las Vegas.