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Cheap Two Sided Flyers in Vegas

Cheap two sided flyers are being used by small businesses in Las Vegas as a smart meant to market to their customers. Cheap two sided flyers are just that, an inexpensive advertising tool that get your business great results. At a cost of around $160.00 for five thousand half page two sided flyers, they represent a true marketing potential bonanza.

Many businesses use these cheap two sided flyers with great results. Mechanic shops like to use them to list and advertise their mechanical services, Laundromats and cleaners like to use them to advertise what types of clothes they clean and small restaurants like to use them to promote further business. Since local neighborhood businesses customer base is usually within a mile of the store’s location, flyers passed out within this mile to every residence is a cheap and wonderful way to communicate to their customer base what goods and services they offer. A local fast food take out restaurant will print a menu on one side of the flyer and on the opposite side have a map and store information so the customers knows exactly where they are located. In addition, a food coupon or special is usually used to motivate the customer to come in within a reasonable time frame to take advantage of the coupon. By ordering five thousand cheap two sided flyers, this will allow saturation of the neighborhood a few times ( a week or two apart ) and leave over extra flyers that can be placed in customers purchase bags.

Cheap two sided flyers are perfect for a low cost advertising marketing plan to grab the attention of customers and motivate them to purchase your goods and services. Contact your local sign company or print store today and take advantage of the opportunities that flyers can offer your business.