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Cheap Double Sided Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap double sided flyer printing is a sure way to low cost advertise to clients about your goods and services.  Flyers make a wonderful advertising tool in today’s tough economic times. Cheap double sided flyer printing is gaining popularity with businesses during these coronavirus times.

Small neighborhood restaurants are learning the value of cheap double sided flyer printing by making half page flyers with information about their restaurant, a menu printed on it and directions and contact information on the flyers and then placing the flyers in the take out bag when customers pick up their orders. The small restaurants realize their customer base is generally located within a mile of their restaurant and then have someone or kids / employees pass out these flyers to every residence within that one mile target radius. The local residents get to read the flyer and hopefully take advantage of a coupon or food special you have on your flyer and patronize your restaurant.

Cheap Double sided flyer printing comes in many sizes to meet your marketing expectations. The most popular flyer sizes are 1/4 page, half page and full page flyers. The flyers are printed in full color ( as many colors as you want on the flyer ) and can have logos and pictures of food items printed on them as well. The flyers are then coated with a special coating that brings a professional looking shine to the flyer that makes your text and pictures stand out. The paper used for printing is either a 80lb or 100lb strength paper.

Your local print store or sign store can give you more information about the flyers and also help you create them if needed. Currently, 5,000 half page flyers are selling for about $160.00 and takes about a week to complete the order. Contact your local print store for more information.