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Clark County Construction Signs

Clark County construction signs are used at construction sites all over Clark County to let people know what is legal and non legal. In addition, many of these construction signs, like dust control and no trespassing signs, are required by law. This link below is to the Clark County website to assist you in gathering more information. http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Documents/DustControl/DustForms/No_Trespass_Dumping_Sign.pdf

Clark County construction signs are many times required by law to be specific sizes. For example, the Clark County dust control sign is 4ft x 4ft for construction projects under 10 acres, yet the dust control signs are mandated to be 4ft x 8ft when construction projects are 10 acres and over. The type on the sign is required to be certain size and other legal requirements.

There are many types of Clark County construction signs such as no dumping, no loitering, dust control, vinyl banners etc. The important thing to remember is to be in compliance with the county and stick to their colors and text size to be compliant. Usually these signs are made out of an aluminum substrate so that they last a very long time in the outdoor elements of Clark County. Rain may rust a steel sign or destroy a wood sign, but an aluminum sign will be able to withstand the different seasons of Las Vegas along with the intense sunlight during the summer months. Also, you should use eco solvent or latex inks when printing these signs so that they do not fade in the sunlight as compared to indoor inks. Vinyl banners should be a mesh banner, which allows for air to pass through the banner unless the banner is to be mounted to a solid surface like a wall.

Clark County construction signs are not expensive and can be purchased locally at sign shops in the Clark County area to assist you in making your construction project compliant with all government regulations.