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Cheap Two Sided Flyers in Vegas

Cheap two sided flyers are being used by small businesses in Las Vegas as a smart meant to market to their customers. Cheap two sided flyers are just that, an inexpensive advertising tool that get your business great results. At a cost of around $160.00 for five thousand half page two sided flyers, they represent a true marketing potential bonanza.

Many businesses use these cheap two sided flyers with great results. Mechanic shops like to use them to list and advertise their mechanical services, Laundromats and cleaners like to use them to advertise what types of clothes they clean and small restaurants like to use them to promote further business. Since local neighborhood businesses customer base is usually within a mile of the store’s location, flyers passed out within this mile to every residence is a cheap and wonderful way to communicate to their customer base what goods and services they offer. A local fast food take out restaurant will print a menu on one side of the flyer and on the opposite side have a map and store information so the customers knows exactly where they are located. In addition, a food coupon or special is usually used to motivate the customer to come in within a reasonable time frame to take advantage of the coupon. By ordering five thousand cheap two sided flyers, this will allow saturation of the neighborhood a few times ( a week or two apart ) and leave over extra flyers that can be placed in customers purchase bags.

Cheap two sided flyers are perfect for a low cost advertising marketing plan to grab the attention of customers and motivate them to purchase your goods and services. Contact your local sign company or print store today and take advantage of the opportunities that flyers can offer your business.





Flyer Printing

Las Vegas Affordable Flyer and Brochure Printing

Las Vegas affordable flyer and brochure printing will save your company a lot of money when printing flyers, brochures, business cards, door hangars, etc. Why should your company have to pay retail when they can get quality wholesale printing locally in Las Vegas. While commercial print shops in Las Vegas have a digital printer for short runs of business cards and other printing,  they cannot compete with the large million dollar offset printers that can print so much more cost effectively. Its funny, the commercial printers in Las Vegas and smaller print shops will use the same printer for large quantity orders, but will charge different rates. Why not save money ?

Affordable flyer and brochure printing can offer your company 5,000 1/2 page flyers for around $160.00   You can also buy full color flyers in 1/4 page size, full page size, 5×7 size, 6×9 size and other sizes as well. These flyers are printed on a 80 or 100lb paper with a UV or AQ coating to give them a very professional look that will impress your customers. Brochure printing is also available at substantial savings in the popular 11″ x 14″ size and 11″ x 17″ size and can be folded in half or have a trifold finish. These brochures are great for menus at local restaurants. Brochures are also great for passing out at the conventions and trade show venues that attract millions of visitors to Las Vegas every year. These brochures can be ordered in advance and then simply picked up locally in Las Vegas or have them shipped to your hotel. Why bring boxes of printing on a airplane when you can buy them in Vegas at great pricing and convenience.

Las Vegas affordable flyer and brochure printing can be found in Vegas with a simple internet search. There are many printing stores looking to compete for your business.



Flyer Printing

Low Cost Flyers in Las Vegas Nevada

Low cost flyers is a great old school way of marketing your company. In these hard economic times, many companies and businesses in Las Vegas are turning to low cost flyers as a way of getting the message out to people about their businesses. For example, tax preparers will use low cost flyers to pass out to people in certain communities to market their tax preparation. In addition, tax preparers will go to the Las Vegas outdoor swap meet and rent a spot and pass out flyers to people walking through the swap meet. This not only gives them a chance to talk to people / clients, it also allows them to hand out a flyer to remember who they are.

Low cost flyers are also used by promoters and passed out to tourists that are walking along and sightseeing on Las Vegas Blvd. in front of the casinos. Promoters will hire good looking women to hand out flyers to tourists who are looking for something to do other than gambling. The cute women will talk to tourists and tell them about a night club that is full f fun and then give them a flyer with a coupon on it and directions to the club in order to entice them to go there. These girls will talk to hundreds of people a night and hand out hundreds of flyers in hopes of getting some of these people to go the club. The girls will get paid bonuses for how many people they an get to go the club. Since they pass out so many flyers a night, cheap flyers is a plus.

Low cost flyers is open to anybody, businesses, non profit organizations and just ordinary people. There are several large printers in Las Vegas that will sell directly to the end user.