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Dust Control Signs

Fast and Cheap Dust Sign Printing in Las Vegas

Fast and cheap dust sign printing in Las Vegas is available in Clark County to get you that required dust permit sign to fulfill the requirements of the Clark County Air Quality Management Board.  More information from Air Quality can be found at http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Pages/Compliance_DustPermits.aspx.  Sign shops like www.Posterhead.com can get you that dust permit sign fast and cheap. Normally, there are 2 different types of signs required for your construction project,  a 4ft x 8ft. sign or a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign. Both these signs can be made same day if necessary.

Clark County Air Quality Management Board wants a 4ft x 4ft sign for projects 10acrwes or less and a 4ft x 8ft dust sign for projects larger than 10 acres. Certain text is required on the signs along with minimum height requirements of lettering. Without the required dust control permit sign, actions can be taken against you that includes fines and work stoppage.

Fast and cheap dust sign printing in Las Vegas can get you that dust sign for under $100 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and $175 for a 4ft.  by 8ft. dust permit sign. These signs are made with an aluminum substrate that hold up well in all sorts of weather and are double sided. These aluminum dust control signs last longer than the old wood signs that deteriorate with the hot summer sun and rain. The signs are then hung up at the job site as required by the Air Quality Management Board. ( There placement on job sites also is subject to rules and regulations).

Fast and cheap dust permit sign printing in Las Vegas can be found at sign shops that make construction signs. These dust permit signs can be made same day in cases of emergencies, but normally take a couple of days to make.