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Business Sign Vinyl Lettering For Do It Yourselfers

Business sign vinyl lettering can be done by do it yourselfers in Las Vegas. After all, how hard can it be to take off old business vinyl lettering and replace it with brand new lettering for your new business ? It is not difficult to scrape old vinyl lettering off of windows, pylon sign or box sign. A heat gun is your best friend if they come off in pieces as the heat gun will warm up the old vinyl lettering and make it easier to peel off. New business sign vinyl lettering can then be added after the old vinyl has been removed and the surface cleaned. Do it yourselfers can save a lot of money by doing the work themselves instead of having a sign professional travel to the location and install the lettering for you.

Business sign vinyl lettering is just plotting letters from a roll of vinyl and then applying transfer tape to the plotted letters so that it can be transferred as one piece. Many people mistakenly think they are going to get the vinyl letters separately and then they have to install each letter. The vinyl lettering comes and installs in one piece and all the do it yourselfer needs to do is clean off the old lettering and then measure the sign so that the new lettering is centered on the sign opening. ( I will throw in this disclaimer that if the sign requires a ladder to get to, heights can be difficult and maybe a professional should be brought in so as to avoid any type of danger from falling) Sign professionals are used to heights and with the wind, they can be tricky.

So what’s the cost of door vinyl lettering, about $25- $30.00. and vinyl lettering for signs is based upon how big the sign needs to be. Contact a local sign company and inquire about making your own business sign.