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Budget Flyer Printing in Vegas

Budget flyer printing is available in Las Vegas at low rates. You should not have to pay retail flyer printing price when flyer printing is available at wholesale prices. The large bulk printings are done by offset printers in huge 100,000 plus warehouses. Don’t be fooled by your local printer offering you 5,000 flyers and then saying that they will have them ready in a week. Its not cost effective to print flyers on the small printers they have in there offices. Large million dollar offset printers print high quality and low prices. These large printers than offer substantial discounts to companies in the trade in order to keep their machines going. It is more cost effective to keep the machine going then it is to turn it off and restart the printer.

Budget flyer printing can get you 5,000 full page flyers for around $300.00  ( 8.5 x 11 ) double sided and in full color , printed on a 80 or 100lb paper with a special coating added to give the flyer a glossy  and professional appearance . For around $160.00, you can purchase a half page flyer that is printed on both sides with the above specifications. This is ideally suited for restaurants in these coronavirus times, where sanitation and health are deemed important. At such a low printing cost for menu flyers, disposable menu flyer printing is in high demand. The government is requesting restaurants be coronavirus compliant and disposable menus are one of the items the government is looking at to protect workers and customers. At a few cents a flyer, disposable menus seem a cost effective way to help guarantee people’s safety in this crisis.

Budget flyer printing is available at sign stores and print shops throughout Las Vegas. Shop around and get the best deal on your flyers, brochures, business cards etc.  In these tough economic times, there is nothing wrong with saving money whenever possible.