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Cheaper Flyer Printing in Vegas

Discount Printing Services in Vegas

Discount printing services can be had in Las Vegas at very cheap pricing. Discount printing services are available for flyers, postcards, brochures and other types of printing. While many sign stores and printing companies offer retail pricing, discount printing services can get you those wholesale prices.

Many businesses use discount printing services for their menus and brochures as well. Most fast food restaurants that have sit down use disposable menus to help customers decide what type of food they want to eat. In addition, the fast food restaurant will include a flyer in the take out to remind the customer what type of food they have and some instructions on how to order the food in advance. Many restaurants are also now offering delivery through Uber, Lyft or some other delivery service.

Discount printing services is also a favorite of club promoters who have to fill their venues every night in Las Vegas with tourists. Since tourists are here in Las Vegas and it is hard to market to them, club promoters go old school and hand out flyers to them to promote their venues. They hire young attractive girls to walk Las Vegas Blvd and talk to tourists about things to do and steer the tourist to the clubs . The discount priced flyers are needed because they hand these flyers out by the hundreds every night to tourists in hopes of getting bonuses on how many people they can get to go. This old school marketing campaign works very well as you are approached by several people when walking down the street trying to hand you a flyer.

Discount printing services are also available to conventions and trade shows. The vendors or companies simply order their digital printing in advance of coming to Las Vegas and pick it up when they arrive and save a lot of money.


Cheaper Flyer Printing in Vegas

Discount Flyer Printing

Discount Flyer printing is saving money for businesses and vendors at the convention centers. Why pay retail when you can get wholesale flyer and postcard printing in Vegas ? Discount flyer printing can get you those 1/4 page, 1/2 page and full page flyers along with other sized flyers at a discount.

Discount flyer printing can get you flyers printed on standard 100lb paper that is double sided and full color, meaning you can have whatever colors you want printed along with pictures and logos on the flyers.  Vendors at  trade shows and conventions love discount flyer printing because they pass out so many of these flyers to clients at the shows, they like the cheap pricing.

Promoters of entertainment venues especially like discount flyer printing because they hire many young women to pass out flyers to tourists on the Las Vegas Strip to get them interested in their clubs. These young women talk to the tourists and get them interested in the club they are promoting and then pass out these flyers to the interested tourist. On the flyer is usually a redemption coupon of some sort offering free entrance or a free drink along with the promoters name or id number so that they can get credit for the tourist. This club promotion is big in Las Vegas and you cannot walk down Las Vegas Blvd without getting approached and steered towards a club. The promoters pass out these flyers by the hundreds every night and discount flyer printing saves them a lot of money on flyer printing. Monthly, the flyer distribution is in the thousands.

Discount flyer printing can be found at wholesale print shops in Las Vegas at very good prices. Contact one of these wholesale print shops and see how flyers can be part of your marketing plan and increase your business.