Las Vegas Step Repeat Banner Printing

Custom Mesh Banner Printing in Vegas

Custom mesh banner printing in Vegas can lead to that wind resistant banner. So that it can be used outdoors when a regular vinyl banner will not hold up. Southern Nevada gets its fair share of wind.  And many normal 13 ounce vinyl banners simply will not hold up in the wind. The grommets will tear out of the banner material where the banner is being adhered to. There is so much pressure of wind resistance against the vinyl banner that something has to give So it usually gives at the weakest point. The grommet.

What Sign Company Makes Custom Mesh Banner Printing is Vegas ?

Mesh banner printing in Vegas can be done by many sign companies.  That have the proper equipment to make these large banners. Las Vegas sign company, Posterhead Signs ( ).  Can make the mesh banner for you using a heavy mesh vinyl material.  And print the banner with eco solvent ink. ( eco solvent ink is the ink designed for outdoor use to prevent fading in the hot summers that Southern Nevada has). The mesh banner can then be hung between poles or placed on a chain link fence.  So that air can travel through the banner causing the banner not to lose its integrity.

Normal vinyl banners allow the air to push against the banner and then the air ( wind) deflects around the banner to the weakest point and causes damage. ( More often than not, the damage is confined to the grommet area causing the grommet to separate from the banner ). The mesh banner and the vinyl banner are printed the same way, on large format printers and hemming the perimeter and placing grommets every 2 feet or so around the banner to make it easy to hang.

Mesh banner printing is available at sign companies all throughout the Southern Nevada area at very good pricing. Take advantage of these wind resistant banner for your advertising.