Backdrop Banner Printing in Vegas

Backdrop Banner Printing in Vegas

Backdrop banner printing in Vegas can lead you to those large backdrop banners.  At the back of vendor booths at trade shows and conventions. Without something in the background, vendor booths at events and shows look pretty bare. It is important to keep in mind that people are looking over your shoulder.  And following your speech by assimilating what you have advertised on your banner.  While you are speaking to them.

Is Backdrop Banner Printing Expensive ?

Banner printing in Vegas is not expensive and costs around $3.00 a square foot for printing. So this is on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material.  And having it hemmed and grommeted every two feet. Many people prefer the grommets over the pockets at the top and bottom. ( adjustable banner stands use a pocket at the top and bottom) Because then they simply zip tie to something to hold the banner in place. Others prefer to use pockets and slide a pole through the pockets. So as to hang a banner in a booth.

Banner printing for fabric banners is slightly more expensive at $4.00 a square foot. The fabric banners are wrinkle free but more delicate since they are printed  on a polyester fabric that is subject to snares of the material, much like a woman’s dress. The 13 ounce vinyl banner material is much more durable, but unless extreme caution is used, the banner will crease or wrinkle if not stores properly. Also, the fabric banner material is machine washable and can easily be cleaned before using it again.

Backdrop banner printing in Vegas is used a lot for conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas Nevada. These large banners can be printed and made at sign stores locally as many vendors prefer to have their large backdrop banners made locally to avoid shipping damage or other issues like not having their backdrop banners arriving in time for the show.