Las Vegas 3/16 Foam Core Board Signs

Foam Board 24 x 36 Printing Cheap in Vegas

Foam board 24 x 36 printing cheap can get you that foam board cheap !  Also these foam boards are printed on 3/16th and laminated for $36.00 !! Las Vegas is home to many trade shows and conventions.  And these 3/16ths foam boards are very popular at these events. Hundreds of shows and events happen annually in Las Vegas. So that means that thousands of foam board signs are produced for these events.  And the sign stores in Las Vegas make them cheap and with quality.  Using the latest in large format printers capable of printing fantastic designs.

Also the sign is printed on a vinyl and then laminated with a gloss or matte finish.  So then it is applied to the foam board. The foam board itself is usually one of two different sizes, the 3/16ths or 1/2″ size. So foam boards themselves can be printed in a multitude of sizes to accommodate your graphic needs.

What Is Foam Board 24 x 36 Printing Good For ?

Foam board sign printing is great for those meetings and displays at events and shows.  Also the foam board sign is used mainly indoors as it is temperamental in the outdoor weather and if it gets wet, will warp.  Also coroplast signs which is made out of plastic is the choice material for signs being used outdoors as coroplast is made with a plastic that is weather resistant.

Foam Board printing is just part of the signage that could possibly be needed at event and show venues. Banner stands play a large role in graphics as they seem to be very popular at these venues . Like the foam board signs, the banner stand can be moved around your display booth to fit in your display. These banner stands are self standing and require no additional support.

Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas to see how foam boards in the popular 24″ x 36″ and 20″ x 30″ sizes can help your display.