Las Vegas Construction Signs For Building Projects

Las Vegas Construction Signs For Building Projects

Las Vegas construction signs are available in Las Vegas Nevada by one of the many sign companies in Las Vegas. Because Las Vegas is the “Trade Show” and “Convention ” capital of the world, there are many sign companies in Las Vegas that are able to make Las Vegas construction signs.

There is much construction going on in Las Vegas at any time.  There seems to be no end to new casinos being built in Nevada. For awhile, they would tear down a casino and then build another one on the same spot. Theme casinos were in style and they would pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Are Las Vegas Construction Signs Needed ?

Because of all the construction, many Las Vegas construction signs were needed.  These construction signs were usually built out of aluminum blanks instead of metal because the aluminum signs would not rust in the Las Vegas weather.  Las Vegas does get a rainy season and monsoons during the summer time.  Therefore, it is important to make the construction signs out of aluminum.

There are many types of Las Vegas construction signs. There are:

1.  Dust Control Signs

2.  Warning Signs

3. Construction Company Name’s Signs

4. Government Regulatory Signs

5. Construction Banners

All of the above signs are made with metal or coroplast substrates except for the construction banners.  The construction banners are usually a mesh material that allows for the wind to travel through the banner instead of pushing against the banner.  These construction banners are popular when there is not a solid surface to mount a vinyl banner to.

Las Vegas construction signs are printed with outdoor inks that are designed to last a long time in the outdoor weather.  As you can imagine, it gets very hot in Las Vegas and the sun heats up the signs and the signs print need to last in these harsh conditions.

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