Car Magnetic Sign Maker in Vegas by

Car Magnetic Sign Maker in Vegas

Car magnetic sign maker can make you those door magnetic advertising signs for your vehicle. Car magnetics are a cheap way to be seen at a very low cost. Best of all, the car magnetics can be removed at any time, turning your vehicle back into a personal vehicle, Car magnetics are easily removable and will not cause damage to your vehicle.

Car Magnetic Sign Maker Makes Your Vehicle Magnets Cheap !

Vehicle magnetics are made with a strong .030 magnetic material and are either printed directly onto the magnet or printed on a sticker and then laminated. After lamination ( which is designed to help protect the print and make it last longer ) the sticker is then applied to the magnet. These vehicle magnets are then placed on the vehicle, but not over any type of molding or bump to eliminate a air pocket where the magnet can come off the vehicle when traveling. Car magnetic sign maker like Yelp 5 star Posterhead Signs will make the vehicle or truck magnetics to your specific size, but will caution you that the larger the vehicle magnet, the heavier it is and the chance of it coming off is greater. That is why it is recommended that the 12″ x 18″ size if the vehicle magnet size of choice. This size fits most cars very well and is large enough to advertise your business on. After all, the people traveling next to you in another car have only so much time to look at and decipher your advertising message.

Your car magnetic sign maker can make your vehicle magnets in any color and print logos and pictures on them as well. Vehicle magnets are full color.

Your local sign store in Vegas can help you design ans make your vehicle magnets at a cost of around $35.00 for two ( set ).