Big Convention Banners

Fast Convention Banner Signs in Vegas

Fast convention banner signs are needed for the hundreds of conventions and trade shows held yearly in Las Vegas. Millions of people and hundreds of companies come yearly to Las Vegas for the conventions and trade shows that Las Vegas has come to be known for. As the number one destination in the United States for Conventions and trade shows, many sign shops have located to Las Vegas Nevada to make sure that all the necessary display signage is made for all these events. Fast convention banner signs is one of the most popular forms of signage at these events and thousands are made yearly for the companies displaying their goods and services.

Fast convention banner signs cost around $2.00 a square foot for full color vinyl banners and about $3.00 a square foot for fabric polyester banners that are wrinkle free. The large banner signs are a great display because they are so large and are easy to read and can contain a lot of information about the company that is displaying their goods and services.  The banners can have an adjustable stand to help display the signage or can be stretched out in the back of booths and act as sort of a backdrop for presentations. The fast convention banner signs can be saved after a convention and used at many more events. The vinyl banner can be printed the same day in many cases but the fabric banner signs have a 3-4 day turnaround since a specialty printer is needed to print them.

Many customers will simply order their banner signs in advance and just have the signs delivered to their location or pick them up in Vegas to save the hassle of shipping them and risking that they get lost or damaged while being transported, which is a common occurrence. Many signs and banners are lost every year in shipping.