Printing of Cheap Flyers

Cheap Priced Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap priced flyer printing is available in Las Vegas for businesses that need inexpensive flyers in bulk. Why pay retail price when you can get wholesale pricing on flyers in many different sizes. Flyers are a great way to reach out and market to your customer base at low cost.

Many successful small neighborhood restaurants are stapling menu flyers or placing a menu flyer inside of “to go ” food bags for their customers to take home. In addition, neighborhood restaurants are using half page flyers to distribute to the residences within a 1 mile radius. Cheap priced flyer printing can get these restaurants 5,000 half page ( double sided and in full color – including pictures ) for around $160.00  They then hire kids or a professional flyer distributor to place a flyer at every residence within a mile radius ( their core customer base ). By having a food special on the flyer, they drive people to their stores.

Cheap priced flyer printing is also great for those  event promoters that canvass Las Vegas Blvd. and hand out  flyers to tourists as they walk along the fabulous LV strip and look for something to do. These flyers are handed out by the hundreds every night promoting concerts, shows, night clubs and other events. The people handing out the flyers ( usually attractive young women ) will ask a few questions to gauge the person’s interest and then hand out a flyer and try to persuade them to attend. These flyers are so inexpensive, its very cost effective as a form of advertisement to use them.

Cheap priced flyer printing can be found at sign stores and print shops that cater to the convention and trade show industries. These print stores are generally located near the Las Vegas strip ( convention venues ) for easy access and drop off. Contact one today if you think cheap flyers can help your business.







Cheaper Flyer Printing in Vegas

Cheapest Flyer Printer Near Me

Cheapest flyer printer near me will lead you to cheap custom printed flyers at an amazing cost. Why pay full retail price when you can get the same flyers printed at a lower price ? Cheapest flyer printer near me will also get you the inside track on cheap brochure printing, cheap Flyer Printing and cheap business card printing.

Cheapest flyer printer near me can get you five thousand 1/2 page flyers for around $160.00.  These flyers are printed on a 80 or 100lb paper and then specially coated with a AQ or UV coating to give them a quality finish. The flyers can be printed on one side or be printed on both sides in any color or combination of colors as well as having pictures printed on them. Take out restaurants will use these flyers in different sizes to give to their customers in their take out bags. By placing a take out menu flyer inside the take out bag, you help remind the customer of your business and a information on how to make future orders. Restaurants will also take pictures of their food and have it printed on the menu to entice future purchases. More ambitious take out restaurants will utilize flyer distribution to their target audience ( the local neighborhood since most customers will come from within a one mile radius ) and have flyers distributed to local residences promoting their food.

Cheapest flyer printer near me can also lead you to a printer that can get you cheap business cards, cheap brochures and low cost custom printed postcards. Most print shops will only do short runs of printing on their printing machines because it is expensive and time consuming. Instead, they send the large orders out to the printers that have million dollar print machines and use them to print the items and then mark them up. These large printers ( 200,000 sq ft shops + ) will give trade discounts that you can take advantage of.



Printing of Cheap Flyers

Las Vegas Business Flyer Printing

Las Vegas business flyer printing costs very little and can net you great results. Business flyer printing is great for small businesses on a budget that want to advertise to their customer base.

A local small restaurant utilized business flyer printing and had 10,000 one half page flyers printed ( double sided in full color – including pictures of food ) and distributed to the neighborhood surrounding their store and reaped great rewards. The pizza restaurant was new to the community and wanted to spread the word about their new restaurant / take out facility. It seemed that newspaper advertising, mailings, radio ads were expensive and the owner knew that people living 10 miles away were not going to travel that far for a pizza. Instead, he had 10,000 half page flyers printed up, one side with his normal menu and the other sided with a pizza coupon offering a great deal on a large 16″ one topping pizza for $7.99. His intention was to drive customers in for the 16″ pizza special and get to know them and let the neighborhood get to know the restaurant. It worked out very well because not only did he sell hundreds of pizzas, he also sold other items off his menu at normal price and was able to get repeat business. The pizza restaurant merely had 3,000 flyers distributed to the surrounding homes ( each home received a flyer ) for three weeks and then used the remaining 1,000 flyers to tape onto the take out bags and pizza boxes to remind people how to get hold of him. Since it was a family restaurant, he had his children and relatives distribute the flyers at no cost.

Las Vegas business flyer printing works. The example above was a huge success and can possible be applied to your business to net great results at a low cost.



Affordable Custom Table Covers and Tablecloths

Custom Printed Fabric Logo Tablecloths in Las Vegas

Custom printed fabric logo tablecloths in Las Vegas are available for your event or show. These fabric logo tablecloths are printed for the popular 6ft or 8ft tables found at the convention and trade show venues. Most of these tables that are used at the convention or trade show venues have damage to them and a table covering is an excellent way of hiding this damage while promoting and branding your company. Best of all, the tablecloths are inexpensive.

Custom printed fabric logo tablecloths can be printed in any color and also include pictures as well. The polyester fabric is wrinkle free and can be used many times over again at different events. These tablecloths can be printed 3 sided or 4 sided depending upon your needs. If you plan on sitting behind the table, you will need a 3 sided tablecloth so that your feet can rest comfortably under the table. If the table is for show and display only, you might elect to go with a four sided custom printed table cover. The custom printed tablecloths cost around $135.00 each and are machine washable after an event so that the next time it is used, it has a fresh laundered appearance. Add a banner stand and a background banner for the rear of your display booth and you pretty much have a fully stocked display booth that will impress your clients. This type of set up is easy to self set up and can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes and used over and over again at different events.

Printed fabric logo tablecloths can be purchased and designed at local sign stores in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable pricing. Contact  one today and have a custom printed tablecloth with your company logo designed and printed up to be used at many different events.