Cheaper Flyer Printing in Vegas

Discounted Flyer Printing in Vegas

Discounted flyer printing will lead you to wholesale pricing on your custom printed flyers. The old days of having to pay retail are over as many sign stores and print stores offer cheap discounted flyer printing to its customers. It turns out that print shops with small printers can print flyer fast, but at retail price. The large print shops have million dollar printers that can print flyers at a fraction of the cost of digital printing with great quality. These large printing stores of 100,000 sq. ft. and above, offer discounts to trade only businesses as a way to keep their printers going. It is cheaper to keep a large printer going than it is to start and stop it continuously, consequently, they offer huge discounts to sign stores that then pass the saving onto the customer.

Discounted flyer printing does not mean lower quality of flyers. The opposite is true as these flyers are printed on a 80 or 100lb. paper and then given a special coating on them to give them a shiny or satin finish. The final product is a professional looking flyer that will leave your customers impressed. Many sign stores will have samples of the flyers so that you can see and feel them. The current special on flyers is a half page flyer that is printed on both sides with full color and 5,000 cost around $160.00   Of course, there are many different sizes of flyers that can be printed to match your advertising needs.

Discounted flyer printing can be purchased at local sign stores and print shops in the Las Vegas valley at excellent pricing. Contact one of these print facilities today for all your printing needs such as business cards, door hangars, brochures ( tri fold and bi fold ), custom post cards and your other printing needs.