Printing of Cheap Flyers

Las Vegas Business Flyer Printing

Las Vegas business flyer printing costs very little and can net you great results. Business flyer printing is great for small businesses on a budget that want to advertise to their customer base.

A local small restaurant utilized business flyer printing and had 10,000 one half page flyers printed ( double sided in full color – including pictures of food )¬†and distributed to the neighborhood surrounding their store and reaped great rewards. The pizza restaurant was new to the community and wanted to spread the word about their new restaurant / take out facility. It seemed that newspaper advertising, mailings, radio ads were expensive and the owner knew that people living 10 miles away were not going to travel that far for a pizza. Instead, he had 10,000 half page flyers printed up, one side with his normal menu and the other sided with a pizza coupon offering a great deal on a large 16″ one topping pizza for $7.99. His intention was to drive customers in for the 16″ pizza special and get to know them and let the neighborhood get to know the restaurant. It worked out very well because not only did he sell hundreds of pizzas, he also sold other items off his menu at normal price and was able to get repeat business. The pizza restaurant merely had 3,000 flyers distributed to the surrounding homes ( each home received a flyer ) for three weeks and then used the remaining 1,000 flyers to tape onto the take out bags and pizza boxes to remind people how to get hold of him. Since it was a family restaurant, he had his children and relatives distribute the flyers at no cost.

Las Vegas business flyer printing works. The example above was a huge success and can possible be applied to your business to net great results at a low cost.